… he dropped low and bowed dramatically. “Your Majesty.”

Lovely Sunday!

Today’s outfit and style post is actually a fun mix. As much as this is one complete ensemble , guess what ? I’m actually wearing two dresses. The grey part of the outfit is actually a short dress in which the bottom is quite fitted and sleek. The navy blue part of my outfit is a strapless pull up maxi dress that I reinvented into a Maxi skirt for this look. So when styling yourself using your wardrobe never limit yourself to the literal view of anything. Don’t be afraid to look deeper and beyond what that article of clothing was made for or it’s literal use. Fashion is truly nothing if you don’t have a good sense of style and it requires creativity. So my challenge to you for the next time you are going out, is to think outside the box , you may be very surprised with what you come up with. Stay beautiful , fresh and astoundingly sweet!

Love to all!

Mua : Face By Blaise

Photography : Zookie Photography

Earrings : Aldo

Diamond Bangles : Aldo

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