What To Wear : When You’re Not In A Good Mood

Today I bring to you one of many new series to come on the blog. I call it my ‘What To Wear ‘ series. It’s a random thought that happened on one of my not so awesome days that I think will help those who have a duty to this world to remain fabulous (like myself) even when “the odds” are not in your favour (clearly I’ve watched too many Hunger Games here). So whether the days are going great or are just sappy and boring sometimes you need to vent your frustrations through your clothes. However, that’s no excuse to look a mess when you will have me continuously babbling on about ‘What to Wear’ for both generic and non generic occasions here on the blog. So, here’s ‘what to wear’ when you really don’t feel or have an ounce of ‘fab’ juice in your engine … I call it… “The Shabby Chic”


Throw some G’s on it

Sometimes the mood calls for some ‘Gangsta Strikes’, you’ve got to just run with it when it takes over. The baggy jeans, the “tell someone off” T-shirt (ok maybe not that but…you get the picture) and the shades, it is all about wearing the right type of shades. It’s not the easiest look to pull off especially when you’re fashion sense may have left the building for the day but it’s possible. I think the biggest accessory for this type of outfit is your attitude. Enter exhibit A, Rihanna.



Never let those ‘basics’ own you… Take charge

Your basic tees are your best friend. I know at times they may seem a little ‘too’ basic or may not be the ‘go to’ choice to glam up a scruffy look but you can work it. Pop on a basic tee-shirt with a distressed neckline, fold the sleeves or just try a graphic tee with a little more personality like the bourgeois spelling of Selfie termed ‘Celfie’. You don’t have to wear predictable bottoms like jeans, a floral pencil skirt and a faux leather jeggings works or continue to keep it semi-hood with a busted up boyfriend jeans. Wearing a basic tee with a blazer and heels can also glam things up for a cool day to night look, and shades….shades are the constant.



Don’t just wear the hoody , ROCK the hoody!

Hoodies tend to be the typical ‘do not disturb’ sign. That in no way means you stop slaying the scene. Bling that casual hoody out with some ‘dope’ jewelry, your statement hand bag and a sleek pair of skinny jeans. If you’re not trying to be sinister then sport a cool hat so you still look approachable and don’t forget your constant…shades.

hoody life


Denim on denim is a ‘go to’ classic

You can never go wrong with a ‘denim on denim’ look. If you’re under the weather a denim on denim combo is the perfect lift and will always make you look trendy, edgy and chic even if you don’t feel like it. I’m literally addicted to denim on denim outfits and can’t really picture my life without them.



A white shirt will do

If you don’t feel like wearing colour, you don’t have to a white shirt will do. Some rules in fashion say when you are in a bad mood, you should pop on some bright colours to mask it. Well, colour isn’t always needed, sometimes black or white is enough. In this case when you really want to appear to be in a light mood but don’t want to look like a rainbow, just wear white. Wearing white is the perfect colour for presenting yourself as “Cool, Calm and Collected” in spite of however you may be feeling and a chic white shirt always does the trick.


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