Welcome to “The Hood” My First Milner Hall Collection

I’ve got a great story for you!

Last weekend was an extremely special and fabulous one for me. I designed, made and premiered my very FIRST collection EVER for my Alma Mater Hall (Milner Hall) . I had no idea I could sew an entire collection in ONLY a WEEK. It was a great experience for me and one I will never forget. The name of the collection is entitled “The Hood” and it focuses on playing up alot of the dynamics of street fashion with slight hints of modern day couture. I wanted to make clothes that were wearable and could allow Milnerites (name of residence on Milner Hall) to feel patriotic but still very fashion forward. My goal with “The Hood” was to allow Milnerites to be the hottest students on Campus whether going to classes or attending social events, be it a party or formal. The intention with this collection was to give Milner Hall an apparel collection that they could be proud of and call their own and to solidify and make others recognize Milner Hall as the greatest hall on The University of the West Indies Campus.

Thanking everyone for their support, it was indeed a success. Here are the pictures of the entire collection.  Milner Hall will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you like them because I had the world of fun creating these designs and pieces.

P.S. I’ve never been to a single sewing class in my life,at least not yet .

Photos are courtesy : Brent Photography and Donovan Jordan

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