Trend Report : Let’s Talk Leather

Leather is definitely a trend that has effortlessly made it’s way to the Fashion Week runways. It is also a prominent trend for the fall season of the metropolitan fashion cities all over the world. Here in the Caribbean, it is slowly making it’s way to the night life of the islands and has taken worldwide street style to a whole new level. I will admit wearing leather can sometimes pose as quite a bold step for some but a great way to rock the trend without being too “loud” is by simply using the leather as accents on some outfits (e.g in the form of a belt or hat ). You can even mix a leather piece(like a skirt or pants ) with different fabrics to achieve beautiful juxtaposing of textures. Some great materials to pair your leather with are jersey, standard cotton and even chiffon to name a few. Just play around with a few styles and see what works for your personality.

Here are some wonderful leather looks straight of the catwalk ,the streets and fellas there are even some cool leather looks for you. Are you digging the leather trend?


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