Trend Report : Finger Tip Rings

Finger tip rings are one of the summer trends straight off the Haute Couture runways this season. It has become one of the world’s most recent fetishes and might be around for quite a while. The rings go by many alternative names like knuckle rings, mid rings and Phalanx rings. They are unique and vary with personality, taking the accessorizing process from one extreme to a next. The finger tip rings play on both the ‘more is more’ and the ‘less is more’ statements in fashion as they can either be overly stacked on or worn very simple.  Honestly my only pending question is – Doesn’t it make opening a soda difficult?

Check out these fingertip rings and let me know if you would wear them and which one. I personally like the grungy ones. If I’m partaking in this trend , i’m going all the way.

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