Tobago Fashion Weekend : The Finale

The last and final night of Tobago Fashion Weekend was truly a ‘Grand Finale’. There was a gracious attendance by patrons and a runway showing of some of the best collections for the weekend . Designer Delia Alleyne opened the show that night with a beautiful nature inspired collection entitled ‘Save the Buccoo Reef ‘ that saw me through some compelling emotions. Robert Young , head designer of the fashion house ‘The Cloth’ ended the night with the most tranquil and breath taking collection of the night which was the perfect icing to the cake.

Here is Tobago Fashion Weekend’s ‘Grand Finale’ .

All photos were taken by photographer Melvern Isaac

Delia Alleyne
Delia’s collection ‘Save the Buccoo Reef’ was a naturistic display of uncanny inspiration. The collection embodied oceanic hues in its brightest and most saturated form with iridescent jewel tones as accents. What proved a major wow factor was her precise and impeccable use of a unique iridescent black chiffon fabric which gave certain pieces from her collection a different level of depth and elegance.

Fashion Entrepreneurs of Trinidad and Tobago
The Fashion Entrepreneurs presented ‘fete resort’ , a collection of light chiffon fabrics of lemon lime hues that moved gracefully proving to be a great form of beach wear.

Daww Creations
Daww creations saw us through a sophisticated collection of blue green palettes with printed accents on some chic and modern designs.

Dominique La Roche
Dominique La Roche presented a collection which identified with his costuming skills with hints of his interpretation of ‘Haute Couture’.

Benjamin showcased a ready made line of clothing from his boutique entitled royals in which the boutique owner styled himself.

The designer of EDI showcased an edgy and eclectic collection with unconventional accents of gold safety pins which ironically gave each outfit a keen form of elegance . The designer did not shy away from displaying some provocative pieces as well giving him the avid label as the night’s ultimate risk taker.

The Cloth
Robert Young , head designer of the design house The Cloth , proved on the final night of Tobago Fashion Weekend that he is indeed the King of patchwork and the juxtaposing of prints with his collection that closed the weekend. His black and white treats prepped the audience for the exquisite use of vibrant colours and dynamic prints that erupted in his garments at the end. The collection was by far the most well edited collection of the night and one of the most enchanting collections of the weekend with fig leaf props bringing the Caribbean aesthetic full circle.

People of the night

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