Tobago Fashion Weekend : Night 2

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Tobago Fashion Weekend’s second night was definitely one to look forward to. The venue was packed to it’s capacity with fashion enthusiasts from all over the world and an even bigger showcase of designers than the previous night. This could only mean one thing… “things got turned up!”  Here’s what went down.

All photos by Melvern Isaac

Romero Bryan

London based designer Romero Bryan kicked of the show with a collection that can easily be interpreted as patriotic as it consisted of red , black and white hues with a touch of bedazzle. The collection focused on free moving and easy going garments but he twisted things up a bit with some geometric pieces showing off his construction abilities.

Tabii Just
Tabitha St. Bernard a New York City based designer , saw us through an exquisite collection with a sensational blend of Caribbean cool colours. The prints in the collection were not too busy and looked absolutely beautiful against the free flowing fabrics.

William Macintosh
Designer William Macintosh brought to the runway an unusual display of colour combinations to his menswear collection last night  , with comfort appealing trousers and some printed sleeveless shirts that reflected an African theme.

Hutch Swimwear
Dominic Hutch turned up the heat with some sizzling swimwear that brought the holographic trend full circle with highlights of florescent colours.

House of Byfield
Carmichael Byfield debuted a menswear collection of grey and blueish hues , that showcased a unique combination of fabrics. What really took this collection the a next level was the amazing Egyptian themed necklaces worn by each model that worked well to complete each look.

BCO Style & Design Studio
Risanne Martin , Style director of BCOStyle studio debuted the collection entitled Iris an ode to her mother with a floral explosion. The collection was vibrant and culminated a kaleidoscope of floral prints that clearly enchanted and overwhelmed the audiences all at once. Her designs were a mixture of both women and menswear with an array of floral blazers, floral crop tops , printed shorts and beautiful floral crowns. The stylist turned designer produced a cohesive collection that proved to be both relevant and fashion forward with lots of playful twists.

La Miniatura by Sibelia
Without a doubt the show stoppers of the night were definitely the tiny tots sporting Sibelia’s collection. Everything about this collection felt natural and had the audience beaming with glee at the adorable children that put on quite a performance. These beautiful girls and boys were absolutely refreshing in the chic , organic and effortless children’s wear that kept putting the brightest smiles on onlookers faces . What was even more exciting was how each child captured the essence of Caribbean life impeccably , from their varied skin tones , to their rootsy dredlocks , massive afros, and curly and straight manes. In fact instead of rambling on have a look yourselves.

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