Tobago Diaries: Tobago Fashion Coda 4

I’m finally finding the time to put all the lovely memories of my beautiful Tobago Jazz weekend together. Tobago Fashion Coda 4, which was my first event for the weekend took place at the beautiful and scenic Magdalena Grand Beach Resort. My flight to Tobago was delayed and completely threw off my arrival time to the event which was that same evening. Luckily, I was still able to catch a few great moments in the show including the intriguing performance of Peter Minshall’s ‘The Dying Swan, Ras Nijinksy In Drag As Pavlova’.  Fashion Coda is held annually and is known as the kick off fashion event of the Jazz Festival season in Tobago. The event is a culmination of runway shows highlighting some of the diverse fashion designers of Trinidad and Tobago, promoting a heavy ‘buy local’ movement inclusive of art and culture.

Here’s a taste of all the happenings that night.

All photos were taken by Melvern Isaac

Views (I’m not talking about the Drake album here)

Magdalena Grand Beach Resort



The Runway

There were in total 10 designers who showed on the night. Here’s a recap of in my estimation the best looks from each designer.

CLD- Charu Lochan Dass – Resort Bridal 2016



Yesa Designs – Wed Me In Colour



Saleem Samuel Designs – Holi



Cee Wee Designs – Crosswalk… Stepping Over In Style



Movement Bago – Deep Paradise



Dellez Fashion – Euphoria



Isayu – Couture Line For Men



Rhion Romany – Caelia



Millhouse Menswear – Resort 2016 – Croton



Tobago Gyul – Bago Princess



Peter Minshall’s ‘The Dying Swan, Ras Nijinksy In Drag As Pavlova’

This was my most treasured moment in the show. Seeing the performance of ‘The Dying Swan’ on stilts was so surreal. The artful spectacle which was a master piece created by the country’s most renowned artist and mass man Peter Minshall was executed wonderfully by Raj Nijinsky. Walking on stilts that tall is not a task so easily accomplished and posed an exhilarating feature that night.




Here’s a few images of myself, friends and a few people after the show.

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