Spring Rebellion

Since being back in New York, the weather seems extremely bipolar. On the first day of Spring it snowed and everything has been a roller coaster since then. Though the cold winds are slowly precipitating , you may still find that the warm air by day gradually betrays you in the late evening when the cold chills begin to conquer the night. All over the streets of New York I could see the struggle to welcome mini skirts and floral cocktail dresses , with women baring their ‘stocking-less’ legs everywhere attempting to embrace the devastating winds. I too made an attempt with a mini dress one day under my trench coat and found that I almost died of pneumonia (or so it seemed). Then I decided to rebel against the seasonal trends, if only for one day. I boycotted the prints, the emerging colours, the feminine flair that comes with the new season of spring and wore absolutely no make up (chap-stick was enough).  I needed to teach the weather a lesson, it didn’t feel like spring and I was about to show it. I would find a way to stay warm but remain my truest fashionable self. Practical fashion is what I call it.  I layered up since I would be out photographing my friends for the entire day and remained warm when the devious winds hit us while out at night.

Photo Apr 14, 6 58 13 AM (1)

After my traumatizing mini dress episode I decided there would be no more bare leg action for a while.

Photo Apr 14, 6 58 24 AMFun Fact: My very long top under the leather jacket is actually a sleeveless high slit maxi dress.

Photo Apr 14, 6 58 54 AM Photo Apr 14, 6 58 58 AM (1) Photo Apr 14, 7 02 01 AM Photo Apr 14, 7 02 13 AM Photo Apr 14, 7 02 59 AM Photo Apr 14, 7 03 10 AMPhoto Apr 14, 7 04 43 AM Photo Apr 14, 7 04 53 AMFun Fact #2 : That’s a turtle neck top under the dress there.

Photo Apr 14, 7 05 45 AM

Photo Apr 14, 7 05 58 AM

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