How Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson’s Wedding Stole The Internet

After so many days of Kim Kardashian’s greasy rear end circulating the internet I was beyond relieved when Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson’s nuptials kicked her butt off the radar…FINALLY! There is no current adjective to describe how I felt after seeing the official photos of Solange and Alan Ferguson’s wedding. I have got to say I was somewhat of a caveman for the weekend, so much so that I had no idea that pictures had surfaced Sunday evening of Solange Knowles’ wedding until later that night. Solange Knowles is a singer/DJ and the younger sister of entertaining sensation Beyonce Knowles and her fiance Alan Ferguson is an industry producer. Ideally because the Knowles family tends to be so private I was pleasantly surprised that pictures were out. However, I was even more astonished when I actually laid my eyes on the wedding masterpiece. Solange has been one of my fashion icons for years and this wedding was everything I expected it to be and then some. She may have even won the award for most wedding changes in one day, rocking a cool total of about 4 looks. Let’s take all of the day’s proceedings in with strides, prep your oxygen masks people. These guys had a master plan to teach Kim and everyone else a BIG lesson on how ‘Breaking the internet’ is done. It was ‘Black Opulence’ at it’s best!


The journey to the church or chapel of any wedding is a grand affair. The bride and groom usually show up in separate vehicles of all sorts of flashy but ‘typical’ forms ranging from funky old school wagons, limousines, stretch hummers , horse chariots, you know….four legged type stuff. Solange and Alan however switched the game up and carried wedding luxury rides to a whole new level. IMAGINE the extent of my heart palpitations when the attractive duo showed up to the church with these:

Riding to church

In the above image Solange is wearing a Stephane Rolland Ivory Cape Jumpsuit and Alan is in Lanvin. Solange and Alan are huge fans of old school bicycles and can be seen riding them on many occasions in New Orleans (where they live together) , so it seemed only fitting that the couple would incorporate their mutual hobby into the big day.

solange and alan riding




This jumpsuit was epic and needed to be shown from every angle.



This was where everything went up in smoke because these editorial shots of the bride , groom and the bride’s family were on FIRE and caused a major explosion all over social media. Having arrived at the church , Solange then changed into her official wedding dress for the ceremony and once it was official…this happened:

Images were taken by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

Solange’s afro hair was a force to be reckoned with on her wedding day taking her ethnic African American regality to new heights and may have possibly added fuel to the natural hair revolution that is already on a significant rise. Her wedding dress with an attached cape(the cape seemed to be a reoccurring trend in all her outfits) was by Humberto Leon for Kenzo, she also wore Jill for Lady Grey gold cuffs and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Alan is decked out in Lanvin.


Image by Rog Walker

This image shows Solange’s female clan including her mom Tina Knowles, her sister Beyonce Knowles and songstress Janelle Monae who were just a few making up the striking and strong editorial shot of the all white wedding. The dress code was in strict effect.

Image by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker



Solange and Alan’s reception seemed to have been the party of the year with both a dinner and NOLA parade which stuck strong to New Orleans traditions. Here you will get a peep at some of the celebrities in Solange’s start studded guest list and Solange’s ever handsome son Juelz and family.

All images were sourced all around the world wide web.

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