Trend Report: Shades

I was never a great fan of shades/sunglasses. I would wear them occasionally but they weren’t ever my ‘go to’ accessory. Maybe that’s because I usually wear tested specs all the time but nevertheless this summer I have fallen head over heels with the trend and now it’s like the only accessory I am truly craving are a pair of shades….ok maybe a few pairs. The styles are so major that I feel like no matter how dramatic the shades are I still want to wear them. Here are some of the hottest trending shades this summer. I find them quite inspiring! Do you? WARNING: The names here may not necessarily be the original name of the type of shades but it’s what comes to mind when I think of them.

Circular or Rounded Sunglasses

These are perhaps my favourite of them all and seem very Iris Apfel inspired. Some are super huge and for me that’s even better. I tend to like that mysterious look where it’s as if your emotions are totally hidden behind your shades and you have all the power in the world.

Mirrored or Reflector Sunglasses

I honestly don’t know what it is but mirrored sunglasses have somehow hit the spot with me having annoyed me for so many years for being associated with sporty sunglasses. Perhaps it’s the reinvention of it into these totally new and cool shapes. They are absolutely alluring as aviator shades and I now own a pair.

Bold Sunglasses

This is a trend that would require me to be just that. BOLD! Although I am not yet sure if this trend is my cup of tea, there are some styles of it that are super cool and are totally worth wearing if you are into making a statement without saying a word.

Geometric Sunglasses

I’m not one who has ever been really amused by math but I can definitely get use to geometry in this form. These summer sonnies are even coming to us in the weirdest shapes and I love it! I find that they give the face some depth, dimension and are a great show of personality.

Embellished Sunglasses

Well Prada totally took over this year with their “oh so edgy” decorated frames. Their 2013 collection was adorned entirely by plastic flowers which can easily come across as being tacky but somehow they were able to pull it off tastefully. Kudos to Prada and also the great Dolce & Gabbana for setting the pace for embellished frames this summer.

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