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Caribbean fashion is something very uniquely different from that of the rest of the world. For starters , it is of a much smaller scale than the international fashion industry and is not nearly as close to generating the billions of dollars the ‘prominent’ industry does. Occasionally, we can count on Caribbean Fashion Week to bring some auspicious guests to our Caribbean shores to taste some of the work of diligent and ambitious Caribbean designers. However, for each individual island the local fashion industry has it’s own internal challenges to overcome. One of these main challenges is developing a cohesive and systematic fashion market that allows the circulation of local designer wear and accessories so that it’s own people can begin to appreciate their country’s fashion business. That way local designers would have a chance to thrive at home and there is a market of committed buyers . I think every Caribbean designer regardless of which part of the Caribbean they are from, all have dreams of making a substantially prosperous living within their home country. So when three ambitious women from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago decided it was time for them to foster one of these much needed markets in Trinidad and Tobago , what naturally followed the genius idea was an event of major success called Racked.

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On July 6th , 2014 ‘The Dynamic Trio‘ Ain Earle , Emma Hiscock and Stephanie Rydle hosted ‘Racked’ a Trinbagonian fashion market at The Verandah Restaurant, St Clair Trinidad. The event was a magnet for fashion savvies from all over the country , who shopped to their heart’s delight at the well placed designer stations that were set up. Bare in mind that every single garment and accessory showcased at the event was all made in Trinidad and Tobago which gave even bigger ratings to the event’s authenticity.The Verandah , as it’s name suggests offered a cool and breezy ambiance of comfort and exclusivity with a cocktail bar for sipping shoppers. Racked was a smart and thoughtful initiative that allowed designers to appreciate each others craft while simultaneously marketing their own. Like any event , to mark whether it was successful or not usually just depends on the turn out and I’ve got to say , it was pretty turned up. With little space to move , one thing was evident. People are hungry for fashion in Trinidad and Tobago and more than that they are really excited about buying local and I think that’s a great place to start when putting Caribbean fashion on the map. If we can find the time to truly appreciate what lies therein our own shores , I can only assume that more of the outside fishers will soon follow. What I admired the most about this event is that it was hosted by a group of young , vibrant and ambitious young ladies with a passion for empowering those in their local fashion industry and we all know that ‘Empowerment’ is always an effective channel for growth. This genuine urge to empower others is what ultimately led to a well executed and well attended event. Racked promises to be an ongoing fashion market through out the entire year.So if you’ve missed this one you can book a ticket to this industrious island for the next one and if you live here in Trinidad and Tobago , you won’t want to miss the next Racked.

You can check out their website for more info here.

Here are the picture highlights of the event and a list of all the great designers that were there and a link to their pages:

Photos of the event are all copyright images of Kezblogs.


Haute Savage (Jewelry)

A-Lan (Swimweat)

Micha Gomes Jewelry (Jewelry)

Colour Riot Jewelry (Jewelry)

Lisa’s Fabrics (Clothing)

Jo Fine Handcrafted Jewelry (Jewelry)

Haute Wire (Jewelry)

Peta Odini Collection (Clothing)

Tau.tol.ogy (Jewelry)

Elize Julia Rostant (Jewelry)

Team M (Clothing and Accessory)

  • Meiling
  • Monique Rodriguez
  • Sanian Lewis
  • Shannon Alonzo
  • Zidelle

Kaj Designs (Clothing)

KoKo Karibi Designs (Jewelry)

Anibrook (Clothing)

C.Francis (Jewelry)

Jo Vew (Clothing and Accessory)

Tela  (Clothing)

A.M.E.N (Fabric Printhouse)

Adrian Foster (Clothing)

Wadada Movement (Clothing)

ElizabethJerimie Designs (Jewelry)

Jade Drakes (Jewelry)



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