Natural Glam Make Up Tutorial

Hey Beauts!

I’m super excited about this new post. It’s not something I ever really talk about on the blog but it’s such a huge part of fashion as well and that’s MAKE UP! My friend, Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger Jaleesa Jaikaran recently featured me in one of her many beauty tutorials and I totally enjoyed it. What made this tutorial so special to me is that it really stayed true to the ‘natural’  part of my aesthetic. The tutorial which was entitled ‘Natural Glam Makeup’ featured a makeup look that was void of eye shadow and any excess contouring. What I learned from this tutorial was how the shade of lipstick plays an important role in lifting a look to an entirely different level. In my case the shade of lip colour was the perfect touch for a look that was so natural and very effortless. Here you can view the entire tutorial , with tips on how you can achieve this look all on your own regardless of your shade or colour.

For much more makeup tutorials and makeup tips you can head over to Jaleesa’s youtube channel Jaleesa Jaikaran 


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