Want A Braided Bob Hairdo ? Here’s what you can do.

So lately everyone’s been asking about my braided bob hairstyle and where I got it done. I’ve never really had another person ever braid my hair besides Wendy Lewis. When she couldn’t braid my hair for my trip this year to New York I went to get it done by some Africans who still were not able to really do justice to the style I wanted (big mistake). Wendy has been my braiding hairstylist my entire life. Even as a child , she was the only other person besides my mother that I trusted with my hair because I was sure it would look amazing after . I have not experienced that level of consistency with another hairstylist. Though I love box braids , seeing too much of one thing could sometimes yield as uninteresting to me. Box braids and senagalese twists are a major trend right now with black girls and though I have absolutely no problem with it , my natural instinct is to sometimes shy away from the norm and what better way to do that than by taking some hair inspiration from the past.

IMG_2440 copy


The inspiration for my hair was Jada Pinkett Smith in both the movies ‘Set it off’ and ‘Menace to Society’ , those ‘thug life’ 90s flicks. I wanted a hairstyle that was hip , cool , non-trending but still very flattering and the classic braided bob hairstyle popped into mind. What I loved was that she added some great layers giving the right amount of dimension and versatility to my hairstyle. Wendy of course never fails to give me exactly what I want and this time was  no different. If you’re interested in having her hook you up you can book her for an appointment with this contact information here:

Wendy Lewis

Contact No: 1(868)785-1708

Location : Point Fortin , Trinidad and Tobago.

*If you’re not from Trinidad , I’m sure you can just go to a hairstylist near you and use these images so they know what to do.

Now here is a closer look at my super cool braids that I love and some hairstyles you can rock with it. Can you believe I’ve had it in for over a month already? It’s still in such good condition.

Photography by Josiah Lendor

You’re Welcome!



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