Michael Masters Menswear Layering

Michael Bastian is my favourite this season for layering in menswear. His Fall 2013 Collection at Fashion Week earlier this year, was harmoniously individualistic and captured many shades of the modern man. The collection showed a great mix of urban street style and haute couture, in meshing these contrasting elements Michael was able to achieve layering perfection.

To achieve these looks straight off the runway, I’d say it’s all about sourcing great tailored blazers , finding  printed or solid shirts that can be used as a base under a popping  cardigan or vest and accessorizing that with some cool suspenders or a tie. For bottoms, there are endless chinos you can choose from as chinos are so affordable and vary so much in colour and design. If you are up for a challenge, then the look with the shorts is definitely for you which can be achieved with Bermuda shorts with a throw in of the leggings (if you dare). Then to top of this whole look, combat boots are a must depending on the look you are going for. If you are swaying towards the more preppy side, loafers would be more appropriate. It’s all about what works for your personality and individual aesthetic. I hope my tips help.

I personally loved the glimpses I got of a man’s tamed but yet wild side. Men I would certainly love to know your thoughts on this one.

Here are some of my favourite layered looks from his collection.

Photo Credit : Go Runway

Photo Credit : Go Runway

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