A Man’s Guide To Wearing Prints PERFECTLY

Prints have  become a major trend in fashion recently. It’s a wonderful way to express your eccentricity and gives off a smart sense of sophistication. However, I’ve noticed it can be  a ‘stump of intimidation’ for some men. The fashionistos of today have found great ways of incorporating prints into their wardrobe be it one or several prints in a complete look. This isn’t to say mixing prints is an easy job and it’s definitely more than just throwing various prints in a bunch. It’s an art that takes a little more consideration when dressing but the results manage to give any man who can nail it an instant claim to fame in fashion. Italian-Haitian Designer Stella Jean can be considered the modern day ‘Goddess of prints’. Each and every collection she puts out be it Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter etc takes you to a place where prints feels like an absolute necessity in life. Therefore for this post in my attempts to guide you on how to pull a printed look off nicely I will be using the looks from Stella Jean’s Spring/Summer ’15  Menswear Lookbook as references and examples.

Here are the options:

1. Suit Up (Part 1) – Jackets with matching trousers

If you’re shy about mixing too many prints. Start with a printed suit, I know it’s a bold start but it get’s easier if you just head into it full on. Moderation works too but if you want to look cutting edge and like a print champ really quick this is the best route. Do suits with jackets and trousers that bare the same print and add in a solid color shirt on the inside or pair it with another print. For instance if you chose to wear a suit with a ‘busy’ or very bold print, try wearing a stripped or checkered print t-shirt of a completely different colour. This will balance off the busyness and loudness of the suit. You can even add in a graphic tee layered over the shirt before pulling on your jacket,  this will make you look like a seasoned pro.

Stella Jean ss15 menswear


2. Suit up (Part 2) – Mix and match suits

This technique requires an extra splurge of creative jolt. Get spontaneous and mix and match your suits. Wear that pint stripe blazer with a checkered pants and a floral shirt. Play ‘innie , minnie, mynie, mo’ with all the prints in your wardrobe but whatever you do , don’t get ‘too’ busy. Try to find a nice balance between the bold and subtle prints and bring them together. If you go too bold things could go very wrong really quick. Everything in this technique should be done in moderation.

Stella Jean ss15 menswear1


3. Trenching on ‘Fleek’

Trench coats in general are a big statement. Now imagine trench coats in the most attractive prints, that’s a sure head turner. With a printed trench coat it would be wise to adhere to either ‘Suits up (Part 1)’ or ‘Suits up (Part 2)’ to embark on ‘super dapper stardom’.

Stella Jean ss15 menswear2


4. Take a ‘Short-cut’

Another major trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer season everywhere are men’s Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts have been styled with everything from blazers to preppy sweaters/ cardigans and casual graphic tees. Rocking them in this case should be no different. Put together your favourite look for your shorts(solid or printed) and substitute all your solid coloured staples with a printed one. It’s that simple.

Stella Jean ss15 menswear3


5. Lay it all back

Even in the most casual of days, prints work. You can be as loud or as subtle as you want in a printed chinos, graphic tee or shirt. It’s all up to you. Prints work for both amped up or relaxed situations and these looks prove just that.

Stella Jean ss15 menswear4


Hope this info helped and if you need more print inspiration feel free to head over to www.stellajean.it for even more amazing print inspiration.

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