Karl Lagerfeld Introduces Fashion’s First Ever Super Market.

So of course Chanel had to upstage every single show for Fashion Week by having one of the most unconventional shows ever. I mean who has a fashion show in a super market? Just so you know this wasn’t just any type of super market, it was ‘The Chanel Shopping Center’ with an assortment of Chanel branded food , drinks ,’bon bon’ or what is known as french sweets and fresh produce. Guests who came to see the show must have all started drooling and hitting themselves in the head for not walking with knapsacks to shop lift once the fashion show was over. The place was massive and there was no gimmick when it came to the near perfect design and layout of the set as the models routinely ‘shopped’ at the supermarket, shopping carts and baskets in hand. The flawless execution of the entire show posed new relevant questions as to how far fashion could really go. The idea that there could some day be a REAL life Chanel Super Market with only goods and produce branded by the design house takes the thought of luxury to a whole new level. Personally I felt sorry for regular super markets across the globe that day. I can’t begin to imagine how embarrassing it must have been to be a victim of Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenuity  .

Let’s pause for a moment and take in this interview of Karl Lagerfeld talking about the magnificent show.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel’s Creative Director , decked his Autumn/Winter Collection models in some of the year’s most prominent trends while simultaneously codifying the looks with the Chanel signature. His looks covered everything from tweed trenched coats , holographic skinnies , turtle neck crop tops , metallic ensembles , iridescent knitwear and epic sneakers as footwear which varied with knee-high lace up hybrids. Comfort was a sure thing and there was an incredible burst of vibrant colours throughout the collection which is just what any Autumn/Winter collection needs to break the monotony of dark dreary hues. Let’s not forget the superb layering and presence of leather and fur. The accessories were also an eye catcher. Come on! Bejeweled padlock necklaces aren’t really that easy to ignore.

Anyway, I’ve got some goodies. Here are some of my favourite images from the show and its highlights. Oh stop! No need to thank me…okay okay fine go ahead (grins).


The Chanel AW 14 Show from all angles


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