It’s been a while… So I may be a little rusty, forgive me.

Hey Guys,

I know , I know . It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken to vain nuptials on my blog with ‘outfit posts’ pictures. Well I’m not sure if I can call this one ‘vain’ as it was a plunge for me. I won’t necessarily call it an outfit post either, it’s more like an ‘off day/workday’ post. People usually think fashion stylists like myself live these highly glamorous lives where we are well kept all the time, uh…no, we don’t. A lot of times we get on set dressed in comfortable, breeze conducive clothing with our hair a mess and pray to the good Lord that none of our crushes(because they may be a few) dare see us on our way home after work that day. So, I decided that it would be great for you all to see me in my true element , rusty and non-glamorous , with no makeup and an unkept head of hair at work . In fact my hair was in such a mess I used the Sombrero which was a prop on set to somewhat ’embellish’ a bit of the craziness. I like wearing bright vibrant colours while working , it’s my favourite unspoken way of saying on set “I’m happy to be here!”. What I want, is for people to appreciate their scruffiness a little more and realize that the beauty on the inside will always shine through.


Photography by Melvern Isaac

All that I’m wearing costs about $15 US dollars in total. Yes!


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