Holiday Trend Report : Bold Lips

Hey Ladies ,

It’s almost Christmas Day and New Years is right around the corner so if you still have not figured out what beauty look to rock yet, how about trying bold lips? I think they are an exciting plunge into something new. I recently tried it out and fell completely in love with it. I know the holidays are usually filled with the bright colours but it’s nice to contrast all of that with something dark or daring. What I can say from experience, is that you will definitely catch a few eyes and get a few people talking. If you are not sure where to get these lip colours stores that carry the M.A.C , Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay cosmetic lines should perhaps be your first stops. These are only a few of the brands that carry these eclectic lip colours, but don’t be afraid to do your own research to find out what other brands carry these intriguing shades and more. Also , you may want to try a natural bare faced look when doing a bold lip, you don’t want people being confused about what your look is suppose to be.

What outfits go great with these types of lips you may ask?

Well it’s simple, all black outfits always work and if you are more the festive type just rock it with a simple outfit that doesn’t have too much drama going on . You can also take it to great extremes by incorporating an outfit filled with various prints or colours but here is the trick, when wearing an ‘over the top’ outfit make sure that one of the colours in the outfit (whether it’s filled with prints or not) goes with your lip colour . In doing this , as much as the your lips may cause some traffic, in the subliminal of people’s minds they would usually find themselves understanding how it works with your look.

I hope my tips helped and here are some of my favourite bold lip colours of the season. Go for it!

Happy Holidays!

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