Episode 2 : Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

Hey beautiful people,

Today is Emancipation Day in my country of Trinidad and Tobago and so this outfit post / episode in my life series is a special one. Emancipation day is a day where we remember the struggle of our African ancestors but also celebrate their triumph in the abolition of slavery. Their memoirs are etched in time and allow us the descendants of such an admirable heritage an opportunity to appreciate what they have done. Though I will admit I find that there is some mental emancipation to be done still today… I am hopeful, very hopeful.

With that said, I am eager to share the story of my African print dress.  It was literally two days before my friend Talitha’s wedding when my seamstress broke the news to me that she would not be able to sew a dress for me due to unforeseen circumstances. I was so torn because I honestly had nothing I found suitable to wear in my wardrobe and on top of that I was broke and had no intention of buying a dress. Needless to say I had a vision of the dress I wanted to wear to her wedding and I was not about to let it die .So somehow I mustered up the energy to go to my seamstress that evening  and collected the cloth that I gave her and brought it home with me to make the dress MYSELF.

“…I had the WORSE CRAMPS in the world that just felt like DEATH was near…”

Did I have any formal training before? Absolutely NONE! I had never sewn a dress before in my life (besides a make shift costume I made for a friend at a down scaled competition) . I taught myself a thing or two on my grandmother’s sewing machine in the past like how to hem a dress or fix a patch but nothing big. Not to mention it was a dress for a WEDDING! Never the less I remembered reprogramming my mind to not think of how much skill I lacked in sewing but to think of my unknown capabilities instead. So as I got home a little after 9pm that evening from collecting my cloth, I began calculating what I needed to do to make the vision come alive.

Then off I went prepping my grandmother’s sewing machine and cutting and sorting out the cloth as if I had been doing this for years. Did I mention on top of all the stress I was faced with I had the WORSE CRAMPS in the world that just felt like DEATH was near. No? Well , yes that too was happening all at once on that auspicious night. At about 11pm I was just about finished sketching a new design that I felt was doable. Then right before I set the machine in motion I took a deep breath, said a pray that went sort of like “Lord I have to admit, I don’t know what on earth I’m about to try to do but it’s in my mind and once it’s there I know it’s possible”.

“…I shook it off with one of my life’s mantra and motto “Keep it moving Kez”…”

I never stopped once for an interval of rest while sewing that night really now coming to think of it. If there was ever intervals it was only to grab a next piece of cloth to add to the machine or re thread the bobbin. However , because I was in pain I often would feel a jolt of tears coming on, but every time I felt the tear docks charge up, I shook it off with one of my life’s mantra and motto “Keep it moving Kez”. And just like that I kept it moving. Then at exactly 5 AM the next morning I was finished sewing the dress and I tried it on for the first time since I began working on it. I remember at that time my nerves were through the roof as I thought to myself “If this dress doesn’t fit right I will truly be devastated”.

Finally as I slipped the dress over my legs and unto my long torso pulling the zip up behind me I felt it, and as a hand fits perfect on a glove the dress laid against me SNUG AS A BUG! Then as much as my emotions were very much permitted to run wild and I could now allow myself to succumb to tears of jubilation I could not even do that. I was too blown away by the lesson I had learnt that day. I had learnt that the mind is a very powerful place and that we are what we believe we are in our MIND. Our capabilities are limitless once we tell our minds that we are.

So on this wonderful Emancipation Day let the struggles and courage of our ancestors not go in vain as it is a most profound reminder of how incredibly strong we are, it’s LITERALLY in our DNA.  Endurance is one of our finest assets as people but let us not endure without great success.

HAPPY EMANCIPATION DAY to the beautiful twin Isle of Trinidad & Tobago !

Much Love,


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