DIY Trend Report: My 5 Minute Denim Choker

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In the ongoing rampage of viral fashion accessories, one of the latest trends to make a comeback this year has been the choker necklace. It’s been featured on runways and on street style mavens in almost every form, shape and size. To be super honest until a few days ago I had become a bit sick of the trend. I felt like maybe, just maybe we can allow our minds (and necks) to breathe a little and find more interesting ways to create imaginative jewelry. However, I realized why the choker has become such an effortless ‘go to’ piece. It’s convenient, fun, simple but carries a quirky ‘on edge’ personality of it’s own. So I decided to make a denim version one day to compliment one of my more minimalist casual outfits and it literally took me only a few minutes. It’s a denim choker and since making it I have to try and stop myself from wearing it with almost anything. So here I am sharing this very ‘straight forward’ recipe for a choker with you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Fabric Scissors

1 Pair Of Jeans/ Just Denim Fabric (Denim colour is up to you)

1 Needle and Thread (colour optional)

1 Button


Step 1: Measure and Cut

Cut the size you desire for the choker as well as the length according to the width of your neck.


Step 2 : Distress Jeans 

Shred the ends as much as you want to create the desired fringe effect. Here’s a short video on how I accomplished mine. Please excuse my dying to be saved manicure.

Step 3: Add Button To Fasten On Neck

Just sew on the button and last but not least use the scissors to slit the other end and insert button to secure the choker on your neck. Easy stuff!


My Choker Look Of The Day (Chuckles) at Starbucks Trinidad & Tobago



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