Circa 2015

As I wrap up the 70’s week here on the blog, I wanted to leave with you this crazy cool outfit post. Anyone who knows me, understands that when I set my mind to achieve something, I commit 300%. Somehow deciding to commit to an era decades older than I am was surprisingly effortless for me. It felt like the 70’s was something I was already use to or a part of. Then I figured that maybe it’s because of my conservatively mixed liberal way of life. In thinking of it that way the pieces make a lot more sense.

The 70’s was a time when liberalism reigned supreme. You could have been who ever you wanted or felt like you should be without constraints. Granted that I am not totally for the notion of everything liberal, what I am in support of is a person being their best true selves. The 70’s had its downfalls but that period offered humanity a lot. It’s the era that set a blaze interracial love, encouraged a huge notion of peace and allowed everyone to embrace their own radical sense of style without judgement. That’s what I think I identify with the most.

Therefore this outfit post is actually one of my favourites to date because I feel like it channels so many elements of me that I am proud to be. I love that I’m black, I love that my sense of style allows me to be versatile through eras beyond my time, I love that I’m Caribbean and more than all of this I am extremely comfortable in my own skin. I felt a mod mixed with preppy vibe that day and I totally went for it.


Here I’m wearing a shirt by Meiling (Caribbean designer) under a Ralph Lauren brown long sleeved sweater. My skirt is from H&M and the shoe is my aged Converse textured sneakers.



Kez-sittin thinkingbythesteps

Photos were all taken by Phillip Destruge. For his website Click Here.


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