“Borrowed From The Boys” Meiling X Aisling 2015 Collection Launch


Last Wednesday night, Scott Street, St Clair ,Trinidad was abuzz with great people and festive energy. Caribbean designers Meiling and Aisling each premiered their 2015 collections in an outdoor presentation that was anything but generic. The night’s hostess was none other than Project Runway Cycle 13 winner Anya Ayoung Chee whose home was recreated into an art gallery featuring a human fashion exhibition. Indoors, Christian Wright’s artwork, Rachel Ross’ jewellery, bright lights and jazz music set the tone. Clashing wine glasses and splurges of laughter punctuated the thick crowd of creatives as they stood in anticipation. “Borrowed From The Boys”, the theme of the evening’s presentation was a nod to the varying dimensions of menswear that inspired both Meiling and Aisling’s collections. As the show commenced, the spotlights came up and the odd platforms stationed all around the outdoor gathering finally made sense. Four models took to one of the multilevel brick platforms and struck their poses, even as cameras flashed incessantly the spotlights dimmed and they gracefully maneuvered their way through the crowd to the next illuminated platform. The faces in the crowd boomed with intrigue as the collection unfolded. Quartet after quartet of models made their way through the maze of people, mounting each platform, giving the crowd a full 360 of the designs. The night was undoubtedly a success and the production should challenge other designers in the region to meet an international standard of execution and imaginativity with their shows. Here are the highlight’s from the collections and lots more from the buzz that night.



Aisling is one of the country’s newest designers with a full concentration on sleek and sensual knitwear with a strong code of comfort. Her designs revolve around unusual knitting styles and assume a balanced mixture of formal and informal silhouettes usually combined into one look. For this collection Aisling incorporated trending purple and lavender fall hues but still managed to create a collection that was entirely wearable and applicable to the Caribbean.  Her dynamics involved clean, chic and fresh looks with a semi active wear intuition in the lines and cuts.

Photos of Aisling’s collection courtesy Tanya Marie Williams of Designer Island


Meiling and Anthony Reid for Meiling

Meiling and Anthony Reid’s new collection paid respects to the art of androgyny. Anthony Reid who has worked alongside Meiling for years designed the menswear which encompassed a series of denim looks and patterned patch work, which then transitioned into all black and black and white stripped combos. Meiling who masterminded the womenswear exposed herself as a fine stewardess of androgyny. There was a generous use of navy blue gingham and denim all participating in the completion of unusual masculine silhouettes with touches of chartreuse . Meiling also showed off some technical design skills in pieces like her off the shoulder collar inclusive gingham shirt, over sized trench coat and top-stitching details accentuated some looks like her denim trousers and shorts. The night became even more alluring as a mysterious wave of all black looks of a much more overtly feminine and subtly sexy nature followed, almost all accented mildly with gold jewels. This was a surprising twist on Meiling’s collection and a successful risk that was modern and fresh. Holistically, the collection would not be the same without the astute styling of Katherine Nurse who seemed to have captured the vibe both Meiling and Anthony Reid set out to achieve. I think what has set Meiling apart in her line of work for so many years is her uncanny ability to remain relevant to international fashion no matter the era. Consistency has and continues to be a prominent aspect of her outstanding repertoire.

Photos of Meiling’s Collection were taken by Melvern Isaac , the official event photographer for Kezblogs




The event was ‘jam packed’ with a star studded line up of very influential faces in fashion and art. I spied my eyes on international style icon and St.Lucian Shala Monroque , iconic Trinbagonian artist and mass man Peter Minshall , She Caribbean Magazine publisher Mae Wayne and lots more.

Photos by Melvern Isaac for Kezblogs


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