Art and Fashion TIMES FIVE : Meiling , Aisling , Christian , Rachel and Sanianitos

“…rustic meets minimalist type situation.”

It’s exhilarating to be in a place where Art and Fashion can find itself co-existing at the same time. Thursdays aren’t what you would necessarily call the start of the weekend but for some it’s the perfect day for shopping at an art gallery. July 10th marked the opening of a three day pop-up shop held at the 101 Art Gallery in Trinidad with an exhibition style display of beautiful garments , jewelry , accessories and art pieces. The showcase featured designs by Meiling , Aisling , Christian , Rachel Ross and Sanianitos with lots of wine to go around which is just what I like. When I walked in the gallery on the opening night I was immediately smitten with the decor which was a rustic meets minimalist type situation. The walls were meticulously furnished with old rusty galvanize which created a tasteful contrast against all the luxury in the room. I was indeed charmed by Christian’s work on the overall decor of the evening.Things were definitely in full swing.

“…edgy knitwear.”

With no runway showing , there was still a heavy presence of models strutting around the room in designs from Meiling and Aisling  throughout the night . Meiling , who is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most renowned fashion designers gave patrons a taste of some of  her various collections over the years with the installation of some new and exciting pieces. Her unmatched consistency is evidently embedded in her use of unusual fabrics to achieve enchanting minimalist designs .  Aisling Camps, Trinidad’s more recent fashion talent, showcased a collection that highlighted her unique ability to manipulate her knitting techniques to create fresh and edgy knitwear . Her collection not only exhibited international appeal but showed a keen sense of Caribbean relevance. Sanianitos’ display of floral headpieces and embellished sunglasses came in a trusty bohemian chic leather briefcase that was a lovely unconventional and vintage like twist. Of course Rachel Ross’ jewelry collections and Christian’s art pieces were the perfect accents to a night that felt filled with luxury and pure quality.  It’s safe to say the opening night was not one to be missed.

Here are my picture highlights of the lovely evening:

Meiling – Fashion Designs

Aisling – Knitwear

Rachel Ross – Fine Jewelry

Christian – Fine Art and Gallery Decor

Sanianitos – Floral Crowns and Sunglasses



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