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It’s been a while since my last outfit post , forgive me. I’ve been working on some projects of which you will be seeing the fruits of soon. Today’s outfit post focuses on dressing for the weather. In the Caribbean we’ve got only two seasons, a dry season(sunny season) and a wet season(rainy season). As of now we are currently in the wet season and what better way to embrace this season by wearing “trench coats”. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “trench coats are a winter thing” and we don’t have winter but I’ve found ways of switching it up so that this coat blends in well in the Caribbean air. First up, use something that’s not thick, or a material that is easily understood or accepted for our climate here in the Caribbean . My example is of course denim. Then use lighter garments to complete the look. In my case I used this sleek mustard colour dress under the jacket simply because it’s not thick, it adds colour and it doesn’t make me look like I’m from a “winter wonderland”. Then, I topped the look off with a red pair of heels, a matching thin belt around the waist of both my dress and coat , and a light satchel to complete the look. The key to staying on trend with the rest of the world is simply knowing what garments or accessories are easily transferable or workable in the Caribbean region and I promise you I felt nothing but comfort and coolness on that rainy day.


Photography : Zookie Photography
MUA: Face by Blaise
Jacket : Old Navy
Dress : H&M
Satchel : ESPIRIT

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