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It’s been a while. Forgive me. Anyway, I really wanted to splurge on my accessories a bit and share where I get some of my staple  pieces from. I love jewelry and though I’ve toned down my need to accessorize outfits a lot over the passed few years there are some pieces that I can’t live without and some new editions that I’m excited to share. Accessories be it jewelry, shoes, clutches and handbags etc. really make or beak an outfit in my estimation. Of course, styling is everything and today I’ve picked my all time favourites with a couple new pieces I think have the potential to be apart of my archives as well. All in all, most are extremely affordable and ALL have proven to be long lasting.

Wood Work and Goldom

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JORD Zebrawood & Turquoise Time Piece

I recently received this amazing watch from JORD watches and have been in love with it ever since. It blended in so well with my style that I literally wear it with almost every outfit I own these days. It’s durable and makes for the cutest arm candy. I constantly receive compliments on it whenever I’m on the go. I wear it more often than any watch I currently own because whether I’m dressed up or down it’s the one accessory that can do no wrong no matter what the occasion. I’m also a sucker for great packaging so when this bad boy came my way , you can imagine my excitement when I saw the sophisticated little wooden case all logo engraved with velvet interior. I love how JORD took the time to make a timepiece that was sleek , cool but that also feels so luxurious. I can always appreciate that. For the direct link to this watch Click Here.


Old Navy Bracelet

Well the irony of this one is that this Old Navy Bracelet is actually really ‘Old’. I’ve had it for approximately three years and  it might just be the best bracelet they’ve ever had. What shocks me about this piece is that it’s costume gold and it has not faded or become discolored. I might aswell call it the real thing.


Reiss Bracelet

Recently got this bracelet at the Blog Her 15 conference that I attended courtesy . It’s unfortunately no longer available on the website but I totally love it.


Hoop Sets

I always need a good pair of hoops in my life. Which easily results in to opposites. A small hoop and a big one. This small one I’ve had for as long as I’ve known myself (think I probably bartered with my mother) and I just recently bought a NEW pair of Diva (Huge hoop) earrings. The Diva hoops I spotted at H&M (that means it cost me only about $5US).


‘2 Chainz’

So the blue rope chocker chain (purchased at Charlotte Russe) has become my obsession. I don’t care that it’s blue, I make it work for any colour I’m wearing. That’s how much I love it. The other thick linked chain is actually a make shift chain. I liked how the gold jewel strap on one of my clutches looked and took it off and made a necklace with it. This was about roughly 5 years ago and it’s still golden. I use an elastic string to link the two ends when I’m wearing it. Yes Yes, the chain is as ‘hood’ vibed as it looks.



These three are some of my most sentimental pieces. Do you have any sentimental pieces? The ring with the blob of ‘I don’t know what’ is from my mother. I wear it all the time. The bamboo necklace I received as a teenager for my birthday from my God father Chris, never saw anything like it since and the three Poppie Jasper rings a 25th birthday gift from my God mother Shaz. If I wear this entire combo, I feel as though I could fly…seriously.

Silver Lining

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Rock and Rollers

I adore stacked finger rings, they put me in a mood . H&M is flooded with them and that’s where I got mine. I added in two other favourite ring pieces I have in this one. I also like mixing and matching stud earrings with my tribunal earring. The tribunal earring was a gift from Wales while everything else was bought from stores like Forever 21 and H&M.


Silver Statements

Three of my favourite silver toned pieces are this blinged out necklace from Aldo, these gorgeous tear drop turquoise stoned earrings and this ancient slave bracelet with little hieroglyphic carvings (my precious). I can’t quite remember where I got the earrings but I use them for formal occasions.


Double Trouble

I bought this combo a while ago. I just love the versatility of wearing them together or as separates. So it was a keeper. I love jewelry that is extremely versatile and that can basically find its way on any outfit. Those are always winners.

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Photos were all taken by me and belong to me.

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