A rock hit her and she didn’t even know it…

This by far has been one of the best projects I’ve worked on all year and was perhaps the most emotional one as well. Denilson Christopher who has been with his girlfriend Siobhian James for over two and a half years was ready to pop the ‘big question’. In case you are still wondering what that question is… you’ll catch on eventually. Nevertheless,I was catapulting with excitement when he came to me to organize the perfect proposal. I was honoured to have shared the role of Shoot Director with photographer Melvern Isaac and I was the stylist for both him and his fiance. Of course this proposal could not just happen without a KEZ twist. Here’s how my amazing team and I pulled off the ‘Perfect Engagement’.

“Prior to the surprise, I did some scrutinizing of Siobhian’s wardrobe via her facebook profile (stalking that is…)”

THE PLAN – Make Siobhian think she’s on a photo shoot for my blog

I think anyone who knows me personally knows that I am quite the ‘drama queen’, so when Denilson pitched the idea of a ‘pretend blogpost’ I was sold like fine gold. The catch was that we would have her think I was shooting them for a blogpost on my website when really she would be getting all dolled up to be proposed to. This meant that if she said yes , she would actually be getting engaged on her engagement shoot (I’ll pause and let that twisted concept sink in)… So to initiate our little plot , while on a dinner hang out with Siobhian , Denilson and some friends, I told the couple how crazy I was about featuring them as models for my website post on ‘How to dress when going on a date’. I asked if they would be interested in doing it and Siobhian was very much composed when she accepted the offer , however I got word after that she was secretly jumping for joy on the inside with excitement. All we really needed was for her to accept so that the plan could be put in motion and so it was.

Prior to the surprise, I did some scrutinizing of Siobhian’s wardrobe via her facebook profile (stalking that is…) without her knowing and went on a shopping spree to find what would ultimately be her outfits for the engagement shoot (the pretend blogpost). It wasn’t very challenging but I was very nervous about how she would feel about the clothes I chose. I said to myself “I’ve got to put myself in her style shoes today” and tried to envision what she would have worn if it were up to her , only slightly manipulating my choices to enhance her already present sense of style. Having been pleased with my efforts after Denilson’s approval we were ready for the big production.

“Denilson FROZE kneeling at her feet speechless…”


It was finally time! So with some great locations sorted we set out to achieve Oscar winning performances for Best Actors and Actresses on set. We rolled out those clothing racks and ‘fake props’ and went dedicatedly into character being careful not to even mention the word ‘marriage’ . Sudesh was the man on the makeup playing it cool while the rest of us Melvern , our assistants Dane and Jamie and I went in for the kill. “Ok guys remember it’s all about the clothes , but don’t be too posy posy ok?” I lectured on set. “This is for readers to get a taste of what to wear so lay off the mushiness”, I continued just to disguise the true nature of what was happening. Melvern then used his genius to secretly make them forget my previous instructions to give the most natural and genuine poses which work perfectly for engagement shoots. Meanwhile Dane and Jamie were busy being the greatest on set assistants alive. Need less to say the real Oscar trophy went to Denilson who acted completely clueless as to what he should do or which way he should go while shooting . He was so good I almost forgot that he was going to propose at some point.


Alas, we were on the final wardrobe change and it was about to happen. We had set Siobhian on a swing Denilson built the night before with his brother under a gorgeous tree. Nerves began trickling a bit but the composure was kept and you won’t believe what happened next. Denilson FROZE kneeling at her feet speechless and of course I was about to die of fear that the moment would be ruined. “Yes Denilson that’s it, play with the end of that dress”, I yelled hoping to buy his slowly melting soul some time to catch itself. “Siobhian look in my direction honey, gosh that’s beautiful , hold that right there. Melvern you got that shot?” I exclaimed in feverish attempts to disguise the situation. Then finally with the help of some friends who were passing on their way to the beach being quite intrusive and yelling “Is this an engagement?” Denilson snapped out of it and quickly popped the question. Siobhian ignored of course thinking it was all just a ‘prop’ before it hit her that it was in fact reality and she replied “Wait you’re serious?” and as we all waited on edge(which we were on for a while) with a startling squeal and laughter she said “Yes!’

Here is the story told through some of their official engagement images. We thank both Denilson and Siobhian for allowing us to share them with you all FIRST.

Stylist and Director : Moi Keziah Lendor

Photography and Co-Director : Melvern Isaac

Makeup : Sudesh Ramsaran of Makeup By Sudesh

On Set Assistants : Jamie Simmons and Dane Phillip

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