7 Trends From The 70’s Making A Come Back

The fashion world has been experiencing a serious case of the funk. The roaring 70’s are no longer a distant memory as this year there’s been some obvious hints of blasts from the past. The fashion week runways around the world were laden with 70’s inspired looks and celebrities have taken full advantage of the trend. If in ‘retro’-spect you find yourself a bit skeptical about stepping back in time, don’t be. Here we’ve summed up our favourite style statements from the 70s that hit the runways this season with some tips on how to achieve them.

1. Flared & Wide Leg Pants

There was a fear that flared pants might go extinct after the hostile take over of the skinny jeans a few years ago. It surfaced seldom since then but thanks to Tom Ford , Coach, Derek Lam , DVF and others flared pants are turning out to be quite a hit this spring. Here’s some of our favourite flared pants looks from the streets and off the runways with a special ‘Kez Get The Look’ inspiration board to help you achieve the look.

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2. Fringe Accents

Fringes were a staple during the 70s especially among the hippie movements. They appeared on any and everything from bags to jackets, skirts and trousers. It’s also the best wardrobe piece when capturing movement in one’s look. Fringe accents, though notably rare in typical casual wardrobes, are an increasingly strong trend among the funk masters. Take a look of some of the fringe trends roaming the streets now.

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3.The A-line Button Up Skirt

Leave it up to topshop to create some of the seasons best 70’s A-line skirts. The button up skirts were a massive trend back then and the variety was always endless. Now the skirt is back as a street style staple for many fashionistas.

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4. Floppy Hats

This is probably one of the most sort after accessories at the moment. It defines chic and can make any bad hair day look like a sophisticated style statement.



5. Ponchos

2015 easily saw an influx of poncho styles on the runways, a sure shot hit from the 70’s . The best part about the ponchos was how easily they all incorporated other trendy 70’s elements like the fringes, bold prints and suede textures.

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6. Platform Shoes

This is a trend for the bold ones. Whether it’s a sneaker , sandal or loafer, the new height of things is a good look for some. There isn’t any particular way to wear them as they are usually the odd addition to any outfit but if you are not sure about how to wear them, my advice would be to toss it into a simple outfits. That’s always a good place to start.


7. Suede Everything

It’s literally everywhere and they’re calling it the new fur. Whether it’s a bag , a pair of shoes, a shirt, a pant or anything fashionably applicable for that matter, it’s sure to be around town. The great thing about this suede trend is that it can work refreshingly well with almost any outfit. Don’t believe me? Just check these amazing runway looks out.

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