7 Mantras To Keep You Going In 2017

“Just have courage,” she said “Have lots of courage.” It was not the first time she said this to me. My grandmother has always had such a way with words, simple and to the point. She walked into my room on the third day of the New Year 2017 and saw me sitting on the cold floor with a note book. The lights were off but it was daylight and my burnt orange curtains had turned the light beaming through my window into a rich but moody copper hue. The last days of 2016 were cathartic to say the least.

I was alone and in deep thought where she saw me. I sat there for about an hour or two racing through the memories of the year before and how bewildered December had left me.  For the first time ever I felt myself being able to relate to Kanye West’s ‘justified’ madness. Feeling so close to, yet so far from your dreams can claim a bit of your sanity.  Reshaping my goals and refueling my drive to just keep going has been an imperative discipline and courage… Well, that’s been my secret ingredient in life’s conundrums . I’ve had the opportunity in 2016 to impact so many people younger and older than myself and those opportunities and those speeches I’ve given have somehow begun evolving the course of my life. I cannot wait to share with you all the newness to come on this beautiful diary/blog/space I call home. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here and with all good reasons but for now, as we set our ships assail for this bright and colourful New Year I want to start things off with warm winds of positivity.  Here’s 7 Mantras To Keep You Going In 2017. I created them to help pull me through 2016 and they now set the foundation for this New Year.  I hope they help you take command of 2017 too:

1. Just Keep Moving

There are days when work and your momentum will be as slow as a slot. Don’t stop, go slower if you must to catch your breath but stopping should not be an option. When I’m “in my feels” I keep working and going. I push through (forcefully so) my slow weeks/months by deliberately staying extra active and I try to do a little more than the day before until the pace picks up again. Remember any progress… is still progress. So just keep going so long as you don’t stop.


2. Always remember why you started

This is key for your “I feel like quitting” phases. A trip down memory lane and flashbacks at all of your accolades is always a good idea for the moments when you feel like giving up. Sometimes we get so lost in pitying ourselves that we lose sight of the goals we’ve set and why we’ve set them. As an entrepreneur one thing I’ve realized is that it never helps to feel sorry for myself. It’s only a distraction. So, I hit the flashback button and it definitely helps renew my focus and strength.


3. Kill The Noise 

In a day and age when social media drives and influences so much of what we do, we need to always remember to unplug. Place your ear muffs in and allow yourself to be at peace. When striving to achieve our goals whether it be in business or personal, we face challenges every day, and one of the biggest challenges is combating what people say or think of us. What should be of paramount concern to us is the quality of work we bring to the table and our attitude towards/the way we treat the rest of the world because that is the part we are in control of. We are not in control of the thoughts and actions of others or the negativity thrown at us. We are only in control of ourselves. Isolate and drown out the things that work against you and focus on the things that work for you.


4. You Are Stronger Than You Think

Granted that I’ve had extremely tough days, the mere fact that I survived them made me realize time and time again that I am much tougher than I think at times. Quit wallowing in your inability to achieve goals within a given time. The fact that you are going for it, is already proof of your extreme levels of endurance. Give yourself credit for aiming high and working towards it.

5. You Are Your Only Competition 

Building a list of rivals, draws a thin line between what is healthy and what is unhealthy for your own business’s growth. There’s a quote that says ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ and it is true. Watching what others in similar or identical fields are doing and attempting to constantly rival that can take away from your own ingenuity. Creating your own signature is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your brand. Luckily for myself things such as social media likes have never been a high form of validation for me. A client once asked me “So do you have beef with other stylists? Are you all in competition with each other locally?” . I laughed and said “I absolutely don’t, in fact to be very honest, though I know who they are I don’t concern myself with what they’re doing.” Why? Because they don’t determine the success of my business, I do. Therefore my biggest rival at work has always been myself.


6. Love People

It’s just that simple. We’ve got to love people in spite of how hard it might be sometimes. Sometimes it’s the closest people to us that disappoint and hurt us the most and I can guarantee you that showing love through it all is one of the purest forms of healing. In a day when the world is in such turmoil with the devastating crisis in Syria and the heart wrenching stories in corners all over Africa etc, it’s safe to say a little love goes a long way. When we love people we automatically improve our business because we become more socially aware and ethically conscious and naturally act on this by joining a positive cause or create one of our own. Remember we are blessed to be a blessing to others.


7. Let Go & Let God (A Story Of Forgiveness)

This is one I am still learning. At the end of last year I said good bye to a friendship I had imprinted on my heart indefinitely. It was a friendship I placed so much trust and hope in for the future and I found that I had lost it all. Through my disbelief and despair, forgiveness began to feel like an elusive goal replaced by anger, frustration and hurt. Now, through the New Year I have made my strides towards forgiveness a deliberate one. Anchoring our mind, body, soul and spirit in peace does more for us than harbouring anger and hurt ever will and forgiveness is the bridge we all must cross at some point to get there. A positive mind and positive spirit is some of the keys to success. Don’t sell yourself short any other way. Ask God to grant you that power and then, forgive and move on. You don’t do it for them, you do it for you.


I hope this post helps you as much as it has helped me.






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