5 Things We Loved About Lupita N’yongo’s Vogue Editorial

Fashion’s new ‘It Girl’ Lupita N’yongo has finally landed a Vogue Cover and boy am I happy. I was beginning to wonder what on earth was happening with Anna Wintour and her Vogue team, because I could not understand what was taking them so long to put Lupita on their cover. Never the less Lupita slayed that cover shoot and produced some of the most breathtaking images I’ve seen in a while. She was poised ,flawless and the concept was simplistic but equally refreshing with just the right touch of spontaneity. There are 5 things however, I think made Lupita’s Vogue editorial extra special. Here’s what they are:

1. Lupita’s refreshingly natural make up

Lupita is never one to be overdone where beauty and make up is concerned and her Vogue cover was no exception. The actress graced the cover and her editorial in neutral tones that illuminated her gorgeous skin tone. She was nothing short of stunning.

Lupita Vogue Shoot

2. Her modern middle eastern themed styling

Fashion Editor Phyllis Posnick captured Lupita’s enchanting style and essence in some cool copper tones with just the right amount of colour here and there. The stylist made some impeccable wardrobe choices that stayed true Lupita’s regal yet delightful nature and style which complemented the middle eastern setting perfectly. Lupita’s wardrobe featured fresh off the runway looks from designers like Prada , Proenza Schouler and Rodarte to name a few.

lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-03_103601368484 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-08_103605717533

3. Lupita’s graceful and effortless posing

It is evident that the camera loves Lupita and one can only assume from her editorial images that she is/was a dancer, at least in another life. Her grace , poise and keen awareness of her body was just about enough to create some of the most stunning images for the year.

lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-01_103558393476 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-04_103602569204 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-06_103604788331

4. The traditional Moroccan setting

Lupita’s Vogue editorial was shot in Marrakech , Morocco. Morocco not only created an exotic feel but the images of Lupita engaging with locals in the market and on the streets gave the spread an organic element.

lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-02_103600948709 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-05_103603808938

5. Her “riskay” prop
I can’t quite recall if the cobra on set was real but I know that as daring as I am , I will not be attempting to stare or go ‘head on’ with any upright cobra. However, Lupita made this unsettling shot look so easy with her fearless and unrelenting pose , a risk that created this insanely beautiful image.

lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-07_103605621171All photos are courtesy Vogue.com and the images were shot by Mikael Jansson.


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