5 Accessory Trends To Look Forward To This Spring

Apart from the pollen circulating in the air causing some major allergic reactions , Spring brings with it some exhilarating and very youthful trends. Not all the trends this season were a go for me, some re-emerging trends like the patchwork pants and the assortment of unflattering platform sandals are really suppose to stay in the past in my opinion. However I really love these cool and radical spins on these oldies but goodies.

Check them out.

1.  The Backpack
It was no surprise that backpacks made a major comeback this year after celebs like Kanye West started sporting them on stage while on tour. The backpack trend isn’t simply about rocking a bag on your back ,there is alot more depth to it . It usually has to be from some luxurious brand and ridiculously priced. On the contrary , an easy and great alternative is to create your own cool graffiti inspired styles with spray paint to mimic the ones from the Chanel catwalk. You can also let your personality do the work by acquiring an affordable one that is as witty as you. Fashion is all about making a statement and it usually doesn’t have to cost you a penny once your confidence can own it. Here are a few cool backpacks spotted on the streets.

2. Sporting Sneakers
Heels are no longer a necessary commodity among fashion forward women, sneakers are. Ever Since Chanel debuted their couture collection with it’s models in haute couture gowns and trainers , and Ricardo Tisci decided to collaborate with Nike to make high fashion kicks and Kanye decided to rant about his Yeezy sneaker collection the fashion world embarked on a sneaker solstice . They are not only much more comfortable than heels but they are beginning to redefine the word ‘chic’.

3. Pimped-out Headphones
Since the world revolves around sound and music , it was only a matter of time before headphones began getting pimped out. Nowadays believe it or not a pair of headphones can say alot about a person’s sense of style. If you are the luxurious type the Frends headphones will definitely suit you , but if you’re a budding streetstyle maven, Beats by Dr. Dre will have you ‘poppin’ no doubt. I think it’s safe to say you can’t walk around with headphones that don’t make a statement anymore . My advice is that you head over to the nearest arts and crafts store , even if you have to pimp them out yourself , it will save you alot of public scrutiny.

4. Head Crowns
Well the hippy days are back and in a mighty full swing. Formerly known as headbands , these pieces have morphed into ethereal and royal variations that can put you on a pedestal with the Queen. Don’t believe me? Ask Dolce & Gabbana who adorned their models with some ravishing gold and floral crowns to die for (not literallty game of thrones freaks). We also have Lady Frida Kahlo to thank for putting bold floral head wear on the map in the 1920s and 30s.

5.Bold Unconventional Jewelry
Not that outrageous jewelry is anything new in fashion , it’s just this time around there is so many lovely variations of unconventional designs to choose from that are so wearable at the moment. I mean I am all for wearing Chanel’s padlock chains and I can guarantee you if given the chance, I will be rocking those Alexander McQueen arm bands that go all the way up to my armpit and their golden helmet in a flash looking like the hottest thing since Spartacus. Oh, and if you think Rick Ross had it going on because his chains hung low and the size ‘be killlin’ , let’s just say ‘you aint see nothin yet’ until you’ve feasted your eyes on Dolce & Gabbana’s massive roman themed neck weights. Ashish also turned the heat up with their obnoxiously huge choker necklaces.  Think I’m kidding? Check these bold beauts out.

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